5 Ways to Think Positive

Use these 5 strategies to build a positive thinking habit and increase happiness When you harness the power of positivity, it’s amazing the impact it has on your life. It can decrease stress and make every moment worth experiencing. By thinking positive, you just can’t help but be optimistic, even when everyone around you isContinue reading 5 Ways to Think Positive”

3 Steps to Building Happiness! How to help your brain create shortcuts for happiness

“Have you found happiness?” Whenever I hear this question, I wonder why happiness is being treated like a lost set of car keys. When we talk about “finding” happiness, it implies that we think happiness is something we should look for. But it’s not… Happiness is something we must BUILD. It turns out that happinessContinue reading “3 Steps to Building Happiness! How to help your brain create shortcuts for happiness”

4 Ways to Accept Yourself

Find the good in you and learn to appreciate the not-so-good in you. Our daily lives consist of trying to live up to unrealistic expectations, from the media, social media, and even our loved ones. We’re just trying to fit in, be liked, and be accepted by other human beings. No one would possibly likeContinue reading 4 Ways to Accept Yourself”

The Absolute Best Way to Start Your Happiness Journey

Are you just starting your happiness journey? Get started on the right foot. It was my last year in college, and I needed to take physics to graduate. The only problem? I had skipped physics in high school, so I had no foundational physics skills. After only one week in the class, I was completelyContinue reading The Absolute Best Way to Start Your Happiness Journey”

How To Improve Your Gut Health

Got Anxiety? Brain fog? Fatigue? Improving your gut health could be the answer.  Do You Need to Heal Your Gut? Our gut influences everything from our weight, to our mood, to our cognitive ability. It can be the reason for our back pain, the root of our depression, and of course, the cause of ourContinue reading How To Improve Your Gut Health”

Why Self-Reflection Matters For Wellness

Learn how to self-reflect to improve your well-being. So many of our habits, patterns of behavior, and pre-set programming are buried in our subconscious. They operate in a sort of “control room”, directing how we think, feel, and act, oftentimes hurting our well-being. If we want to be in control, we need to see intoContinue reading Why Self-Reflection Matters For Wellness”

4 Ways Spending Smarter Can Make You Happier

Financial expert explains how to optimize your budget for more happiness. “Budgeting” may conjure up images of tightened belts and coupon clipping. For many people, the mere thought of budgeting is cringe-worthy. Organizing when and how to spend money doesn’t sound fun to me. But good budgeting can actually mean spending more money (and time)Continue reading 4 Ways Spending Smarter Can Make You Happier”

Three Ways You Can Use Social Media to Cultivate Resilience

Want to boost your well-being with social media? Try these tricks. We are spending more and more time on social media. One problem that’s emerging now is that social media’s algorithms often show us things that get us anxious, angry, or upset because this content is what keeps us engaged and clicking. This means thatContinue reading “Three Ways You Can Use Social Media to Cultivate Resilience”

How To Get Started With Affirmations

6 things to keep in mind when doing affirmations. First, we must pay attention to notice which current patterns of behavior are working against our best interests. We might also want to know what aspects of our well-being we most struggle with so we can create affirmations that are likely to have the biggest impactContinue reading How To Get Started With Affirmations”

What Are Your Happiness Strengths and Weaknesses?

Find out which skills you should focus on to build happiness. Many happiness seekers have read dozens of articles on happiness yet they don’t feel closer to creating the happiness they desire in their lives. Reading about the practices that increase happiness is a great first step. But one thing that you may not haveContinue reading What Are Your Happiness Strengths and Weaknesses?”