6 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy a Blissful Life Right here Right now

Explore these science-based tips and strategies to slow down, savorthe moment, and enjoy life a bit more. Do you feel like you’re constantly running on the treadmill of life? Not quite sure how to take a break or stop feeling like you always have to be ‘doing’ something? It’s not always easy to slow down,Continue reading “6 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy a Blissful Life Right here Right now”

Try these 9 Gratitude ideas now to grow

Discover science-based ways to grow your gratitude Robert Emmons, a lead gratitude researcher, suggests that gratitude has two key components. First, it’s an affirmation that there are good things in the world. Second, it’s a recognition that this goodness comes from outside of ourselves. Gratitude leads us to appreciate things and connect to others, bothContinue reading “Try these 9 Gratitude ideas now to grow”

What Is Habituation? How to use it for the good

Learn what habituation is and the conditions under which it may occur. When you first hear a car alarm, a siren, a thunderclap, or another loud and unexpected sound, you may jump, stop what you’re doing, or become extra alert. After you look around and see that your car is fine, your house isn’t onContinue reading “What Is Habituation? How to use it for the good”

Top 8 phrases you should know now about Behavioral Psychology?

Learn more about this psychological movement and why it still matters. Have you ever wondered whether your internal predisposition or your environment has a more significant influence on your behavioral choices? This dilemma is often called the nature vs. nurture debate and has led to different schools of thought in psychology. Hence, some psychologists explainContinue reading “Top 8 phrases you should know now about Behavioral Psychology?”

What Does It Mean To Be Introverted?

What defines an introvert and how is it different from extroversion? Are you naturally introverted? Or, perhaps you have an introverted friend or family member? If so, take a second to think about what it means to be introverted. Oftentimes, you’re told that being introverted is the same thing as being shy. But introverts simplyContinue reading What Does It Mean To Be Introverted?”

What Are Temperaments?

Discover the meaning and origins of temperaments. We humans come in all shapes and sizes, both physically and psychologically. Some of us get irritated quickly, and others can’t be bothered by anything. Some of us look for an opportunity to chit-chat with the stranger sitting next to us on a long flight. Yet, some ofContinue reading What Are Temperaments?”

What Are The Big Five Personality Traits?

Discover the Big Five Personality traits and how they influence behavior.  There are few things more complicated than human personality, but that hasn’t stopped psychologists from trying to describe and categorize it. In the field of personality psychology, one of the most enduring theories defines personality according to how much (or how little) we demonstrateContinue reading “What Are The Big Five Personality Traits?”

What is Maslow’s pyramid of the Hierarchy of Needs?

Discover the uses of this fundamental psychology theory. Have you ever heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Perhaps it came up in an introductory psychology course you took or a popular media article on some topic in the social sciences that you read. Maslow’s idea is that some human needs are more pressing than othersContinue reading “What is Maslow’s pyramid of the Hierarchy of Needs?”

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