My5 Starter

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” –Jim Rohn-

The above quote is the motivation behind “My5 starter”, a tool that will transform the lives of anyone who puts it to the test.

How it works: you spend 12- minutes a day with five different mentors (1hr/day total) via youtube videos, audio-books, google search, etc. for any subject (examples are; mind, body, spirit, cooking,business, diy renovations, marketing, fitness, literature, astrology,nature, geography.)   

In 21 days you will gain wisdom and knowledge that will last a lifetime and teach you things about yourself that you do not know yet.

Example of the My5 Starter -monthly chart 

SpiritualThe Dalai Lama
LeadershipSimon Sinek
StoicismMarcus Aurelius
MotivationTony Robbins
BiohackingDave Asprey

You try:


(open link below and inside google docs click “file” and “make a copy”)

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