How to Cope With Emotional Unavailability in a Healthy Way

Discover how to open up in relationships (or deal with others who dont open up). Researchers define emotional availability as “an individual’s emotional responsiveness andattunement to another’s needs and goals” (pp. 80, Emde, 1980). Based on this, emotionalavailability involves not only negative emotions like anger or sadness but also positive emotionslike happiness or excitement. OneContinue reading “How to Cope With Emotional Unavailability in a Healthy Way”

Why Does Self-Awareness Matter So Much?

6 reasons why self-awareness is important for well-being. High self-awareness is a solid predictor of success in life, perhaps because a self-aware person knows what they want so they can more easily take the steps that get them there. Unfortunately, many of us are on “autopilot,” hardly aware of why we succeed or fail, orContinue reading “Why Does Self-Awareness Matter So Much?”

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