How To Cultivate Self-Awareness in 2023?

5 ways to become more self-aware. Self-awareness involves monitoring our stress, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. It is important, because it’s a major mechanism influencing personal development. Our lives can get out-of-control pretty fast if we are unaware of how and under what circumstances our emotional nature is triggered. How do we increase self-awareness? Self-awareness requiresContinue reading “How To Cultivate Self-Awareness in 2023?”

How to Listen Activley to the ones you love

Discover tips and techniques for better listening. Listening is a passive process of hearing (Nemec, Spagnolo, & Soydon, 2017). For the mostpart, this process is automatic and doesn’t require us to do much of anything. On the otherhand, active listening is the active process of listening to understand. It often involvesresponding both verbally and nonverballyContinue reading “How to Listen Activley to the ones you love”

How To Get Started With Affirmations

6 things to keep in mind when doing affirmations. First, we must pay attention to notice which current patterns of behavior are working against our best interests. We might also want to know what aspects of our well-being we most struggle with so we can create affirmations that are likely to have the biggest impactContinue reading How To Get Started With Affirmations”

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