Is Facebook Good or Bad for You?

Find out if Facebook is helping or hurting your happiness and well-being. Did you know that the average Facebook user uses a combination of Facebook and Instagram an average of 50 minutes per day? That’s more time than the average person spends socializing with other people, watching sports, and almost as much time as weContinue reading “Is Facebook Good or Bad for You?”

4 New Ways to Find Meaning and Purpose

How to boost purpose with achievement, creativity, expertise, and pro-sociality. What exactly is “purpose”? And what are the ways we can seek purpose? Here are just some of the tricks you can use to more easily find your purpose. 1. Get clear on your goals. One way people seek purpose is through achievement. To seekContinue reading “4 New Ways to Find Meaning and Purpose”

How to Find Meaning in Life

This 3-step strategy could help you start finding more meaning. So often we walk through life like zombies — our bodies are present, but our minds are elsewhere. We’re not mindful, so we’re not really paying attention. When we’re not present, we can miss the things in life that really matter — the things thatContinue reading “How to Find Meaning in Life”

7 Ways to Make Meaning From Hardship

How to turn your negative experiences into meaning-making moments. We prefer pleasure over pain, happiness over sadness, and positive experiences over negative ones. But might negative experiences actually make us happier in the long run? Some evidence suggests that, yes, we can use those tough experiences to build ourselves up instead of letting them tearContinue reading “7 Ways to Make Meaning From Hardship”

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