Jp is an extraordinary coach with an impressive ability to listen at a deep level. He is insightful, understanding and holds a safe, supportive space for growth and change. His calm presence allowed me to open up , get to the root of certain issues and tackle them face on. It amazes me no end to realize how a few tools and techniques reflected back in a calm and intelligent way made a stellar difference.


JP’s coaching style is open, supportive and educational. He has this ability to make you feel at ease no matter how your day was going before your session. He uses his many coaching tools & techniques seamlessly, in a way that feels natural and confident. JP creates spaces where his clients feel safe, seen and heard which is so needed in this world. I am truly grateful to be connected to such a wonderful coach.


The group-coaching session I had with Jp evolved surprisingly because of his presence and openness to how I showed up and to what I expressed in the moment spontaneously. It was truly a miracle and not planned at all for me. His gentle way of being and his honest interest in how I felt helped me took the leap and shared some very personal things I was going through that I would otherwise not have been able to share. I felt heard and seen in that moment. What was also very important for me was the safe space with him and others in the group that has been created. He asked the right questions. made me feel empowered and connected. Thank you Jp for the experiences!


JP, there’s no words that can convey how much you have contributed to my growth and learning as a new coach. I am so grateful that I attended your group coaching circle on Wednesdays. I love love love love how you go beyond and add more value to our learning. I really appreciate your warmth and wisdom. There’s not enough words to describe how great the work you do is. You’re very charismatic, warmth, knowledgeable, and at the same time humble and in tune with your intuition. Thank you for your contribution.


JP is one of the most caring and sensitive souls I know, He has the ability to build community without any awkwardness in a short amount of time. He can form groups effortlessly and his laid back vibe make people feel warm and welcomed. There’s always fun sharing and introspection in JPs group sessions. He keeps the circle going and has a strong intuition to allow for silence or change the plan if it helps a member of the group to share more deeply or have a breakthrough. I have gained so much insight in JP’s group coaching sessions and look forward to joining some of his circles in the future.


I feel I’m an introvert and always had a fear of public speaking or speaking in front of a group.  However, this changed when I joined Jp’s group. I was introduced to an amazing tribe, where not only did I feel safe to be vulnerable, but I was also encouraged and challenged to grow beyond my limits. These wonderful souls became an integral part of my life. I got the gift of supportive and loving friends. I would really like to appreciate Jp for this endeavor. He has a very happy and energetic vibe about him. I really like him ‘quoting the words of wisdom’ in between the sessions. Now I feel much more confident to speak out without the fear of being judged. I really thank him for bringing like minded beautiful souls together to help each other in their journey.


JP Horgan is definitely a leader and inclusive coach.  I’ve noted that he leads whether as the speaker, organizer, and/or participant. He brings the value of trust, safety, compassion, and reflection. His very presence allows client(s) to experience a sense of welcome that provides the space to gain insight on a thorny problem. His style of coaching is the Tango.  He keeps the room as a safe container opining short pithy statements directing the attendee on what they already know but are unclear which instantly sheds light.  For example, when the group was speaking on types of self sabotaging, I was unclear that I was self sabotaging, JP said simply, “Alsie, that is your ego speaking saying be small.”  The room instantly began speaking and examining this puzzle of sabotaging.  Another short sentence was “words become magnetized when emotions are added.” Again, he was asked to repeat and the group discussed this excellent short sentence.  I recommend wholeheartedly JP as a top tier coach.


1:1:   Jp’s and I first talk focused on unravelling the deeper reasons behind my resistance to social media and putting my face out there.  It was a conversation that brought up a lot of emotions and left me with a calm certainty to act on my ideas, after finding out that the potential of accomplishing big results was a blessing instead of something to fear or shy from. I feel grateful to Jp for his kindness and willingness to be my mirror.

Group:   Jp has created a very kind space to grow, share, and ask for support and guidance. We, as participants, have found a sanctuary where we can deepen our understanding and application of concepts and tools, as well as collaboration partners for ideas full of magic and potential. Very grateful for the permanent commitment to be present and support anyone willing to take a risk and be vulnerable in his presence. He is kind and generous, focused and committed.


Over the past few months I have attended several of Jp’s group coaching sessions. Jp is an outstanding group coaching facilitator. He holds a safe space really well and allows everyone to have their input and to contribute wherever they wish. He keeps the topics interesting and every session is a collaborative learning and growing experience. I thoroughly enjoy his group coaching sessions and look forward to attending many more.


Being part of Jp’s group for, has been a beautiful experience for which I am grateful. With Jp’s support group, I have given myself permission to open up and share sincerely, thoroughly. In addition to his natural great coaching skills, Jp carries deep human values and a generous, bright soul. Jp, I cannot thank you enough, for having been an inspiration, a model, since our very first connection. I hope we stay connected, as the journey gets more beautiful and empowering at each next step.


I would like to share a short review on JP’s way of leading the group coaching session ‘Next Steps Academy Coaching’ . In this 1h30 group session JP shares a weekly lesson recap and leads the group session. He provides a safe and secure environment for growth and expansion so that everybody can expresses him or herself freely and even can show his or her vulnerability. He shares his wisdom, personal experiences and insights. At the same time he shares a lot of interesting book tips related to the topic of that week. As a person and coach he is very kind and supportive. He energizes the group and inspires us,  offering a wonderful opportunity for deepening our understanding !


My journey with JP began a couple of years ago. I have known JP in the past and he had stopped by for a quick visit. I can honestly say that my life was never the same after that. JP showed me a new fire inside of me that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. He reminded me that I was worth something. And that I needed to protect that and I needed to make that grow in flourish. After a little while of talking to JP my goals began to shift in my life for the better. I had stopped thinking so negatively about the world around me. I started focusing on being more positive and he guided me the entire way. I can honestly say if it weren’t for JP and his wise words I really don’t know where I would be today. JP helped get me through one of the hardest times of my life when my father died. JP and I talk weekly and it seems as though every time I get off the phone with him my mind body and soul are in a better place. Thank you JP for everything that you’ve done for me. Thank you for listening to my thoughts, my tears, my joys.